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Our team at Waggle Masonry consists of craftsman.  Our employees come from all walks of life, from career long masons to artists and designers.  Most important is that every team member is a craftsman in their own right.  Each of our team members share an ethos of hard work and integrity in doing the job the best it can possibly be done.

Waggle Masonry was founded by Kevin Waggle Jr. after 20 years of experience in the masonry restoration industry.  Kevin's earlier years where spent in the field, restoring historic structures primarily in Philadelphia, many of which can be found in the Registry of National Historical Landmarks in Washington D.C.  Coming from a long lineage of masonry craftsman Kevin holds centuries worth of practical masonry knowledge, from historical methods to cutting edge materials.

Kevin created Waggle Masonry with a vision that distinguishes his company from others.  He combines his hands-on experience in high-craft, artisan masonry with the exceptional organization and management skills that are essential in large masonry projects.  

Whether you are a homeowner looking for the best, an architect with discerning taste, or a property manager with a challenging project Waggle Masonry will prove itself as the premier masonry contracting firm in the greater Philadelphia area.

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